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The clips below are ones that I enjoy and that I can always rely on to make me laugh no matter what kind of day I'm having; they tell you a lot about my sense of humor. Most of them were found on the Internet. If you think any of the clips are too small for viewing, I suggest increasing the browser page (zooming in with "command +") or right-click the link to download the clip and use your media player.
Fountain image My 2004 'Living Fountain' Halloween Costume (1.3 MB) If you're looking for proof that I have a twisted mind, this should do it. I was a mobile, powered, garden fountain. You can also see a one minute costume clip. Can you guess that Halloween is a fetish of mine? Stuart image MadTV - Stuart Halloween.mpg (41.2 MB)
I thought about this clip while giving out candy last Halloween.
Australian Kangaroo image SNL - The Australian Christmas Kangaroo (28 MB) Apparently, the Australians have a colorful but challenging holiday.
Ferret image The Budweiser ferret sings (1.6 MB) Ferret image The Budweiser ferret scandal (4.0 MB)
Dancing And Singing
Disco image A Russian disco dancing lesson (37.6 MB)
If this doesn't entertain you, we probably wouldn't enjoy hanging out together.
Yatta image Yatta! (requires Flash to run) (1.6 MB Flash)
A bizarre Flash of a bizarre hit by the Japenese comedy group Pony Canyon, for which someone "interpreted" the words.
Yatta image Yatta! Video (95.3 MB)
Amazingly, the real Yatta! video is even more bizarre. Follow along with the Japanese & English lyrics
Cartoon Clips
Kool-aid image The Kool-Aid Man from The Family Guy (0.56 MB) ScoobyDoo image Scooby Doo according to The Family Guy (0.676 MB)
Simpsons Yogi image Yogi take-off from The Simpsons (1.7 MB)
Obviously, The Simpsons DVDs are a great purchase, too.
Simpsons gay image One of the many gay clips in The Simpsons (12.6 MB)
Miscellaneous Clips
Colorbond image Australian Colorbond commercial (5.1 MB)
It involves white underwear and a human bear.
Triumph image Triumph the Insult Comic Dog & Star Wars Fans (104.9 MB)
This clip always makes me laugh - it's brilliant. If you enjoy it, consider buying Triumph's DVD for more material.
Sumo image Why sumo is better than karate (1.6 MB)
Found on the Net.
Toonces image SNL's Toonces the Driving Cat (4.2 MB RealMedia)
Toonces' arch-enemy Spunky (requires RealOne Player)
Travelocity image Travelocity commercial (1.0 MB)
Ready to serve.
Energizer image Energizer commercial (7.7 MB)
Yes, queens need batteries, too.
Mr. B Natural image Mr. B Natural from MST3K (212.0 MB)
Mr.(!?!) B Natural, the "Spirit of Music", creepily teaches Buzz on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Date image What to do on a Date from MST3K (107.5 MB)
Dating help from the 50's.

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